Episode 4 – “August-Tastic”





Silver’s Pick – “Hot August Night II” by Neil Diamond (3:23)

Interesting Facts/Diamond’s Career:

  • Intro To The Album 

Why It was picked:

Singles Off The Album

Free Fallin’ 

  • Song Of The Whales: 
  • Heading For The Future: 
  • September Morn:
  • Thank the Lord for the Night Time: 
  • Cherry, Cherry: 
  • Sweet Caroline 
  • Hello Again: 
  • Love on the Rocks
  • America: 
  • Forever in Blue Jeans:
  • You Don’t Bring Me Flowers: 
  • I Dreamed A Dream: 
  • Back in LA:
  • Song Sung Blue:
  • Crackling’ Rose:
  • I Am…I Said: 
  • Holly Holy: 
  • Soolaimon: 
  • Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show:
  • Heartlight:Our Favorite Tracks Our Least Favorite Tracks

Final Thoughts 


Emptyeye’s Pick – “August and Everything After” By Counting Crows (57:21)

Intro The Album

Why It was picked

Singles Off The Album

Interesting Facts
Free Fallin’ 

  • Round Here: 
  • Omaha: 
  • Mr. Jones: 
  • Perfect Blue Buildings: 
  • Anna Begins:
  • Time and Time Again: 
  • Rain King:
  • Sullivan Street: 
  • Ghost Train: 
  • Raining In Baltimore: 
  • Murder of One: Our Favorite Tracks

Our Least Favorite Tracks

Final Thoughts 



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