Episode 2 – “May The Fourth Be With You…”




Silver’s Pick – Journey “Escape”

  1. Why It Was Picked
  2. Intro The Album
    1. Escape is the seventh studio album by American rock band Journey, released in 1981.
    2. The band.
    3. Charts Info
    4. Certifications
  3. Singles Off The Album
  4. Interesting Facts
    1. Most interesting
    2. The Reviews were all over the place on this Album.
  5. Free Fallin’ (Thank you https://www.lyricsfreak.com for your help with lyrics this episode)
    1. Don’t Stop Believin’
    2. Stone In Love
    3. Who’s Crying Now
    4. Keep On Runnin’
    5. Still They Ride
    6. Escape
    7. Lay It Down
    8. Dead or Alive
    9. Mother, Father
    10. Open Arms
    11. La Raza del Sol
    12. Don’t Stop Believin’ (Live)
    13. Who’s Crying Now (Live)
    14. Open Arms (Live)
  6. Our Favorite Tracks
  7. Our Least Favorite Tracks


Emptyeye’s Pick – Alice In Chains “Dirt” 

  1. Intro The Album
  2. Why It was picked
  3. Singles Off The Album
  4. Interesting Facts
  5. Free Fallin’
    1. Them Bones
    2. Dam That River
    3. Rain When I Die
    4. Down In a Hole
    5. Sickman
    6. Rooster
    7. Junkhead
    8. Dirt
    9. God Smack
    10. Untitled
    11. Hate to Fee
    12. Angry Chair
    13. Would?
  6. Our Favorite Tracks
  7. Our Least Favorite Tracks



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Have a great May everyone! We’ll see you in June!

-Silver & Emptyeye-


Episode 1 – And So It Begins

  1. Intro. 

Here, we talk a bit about ourselves, and The Music For Two Podcast. We discuss both the story behind the name, and the concept.





  1. Silver’s Pick – Fleetwood Mac, Rumors (3:14)
    1. Why was it picked?
    2. Intro the Album
      1. First off the band.
      2. Rumours
      3. Charts Info.:
      1. Certifications.:


    1. Singles Off The Album
      1. “Go Your Own Way” : Released: December 1976
      2. “Dreams” : Released: 24 March 1977
      3. “Don’t Stop” : Released: April 1977
      4. “You Make Loving Fun”: Released: September 1977
    2. Interesting Facts
      1. Glee Episode.
      2. Oh, the drama!!! All the Drama!!
        1. Interpersonal Problems
        2. Pot-Shots Are Still Being Thrown…
    3. Free Fallin’
      1. Second Hand News:
      2. Dreams:
      3. Never Going Back Again:
      4. Don’t Stop:
      5. Go Your Own Way:
      6. Songbird:
      7. The Chain:
      8. You Make Loving Fun:
      9. I Don’t Wanna Know:
      10. Oh Daddy:
      11. Gold Dust Woman:
    4. Our Least Favorite Tracks
      1. Silver:
      1. Emptyeye:
    1. Our Favorite Tracks
      1. Silver:
      1. Emptyeye:


  1.   Emptyeye’s Pick = Led Zeppelin – “Album 1 (32:01)
    1. Intro the Album
    2. Why it was picked.
    3. Singles Off The Album
    4. Interesting Facts
    5. Free Fallin’
      1. Good Times Bad Times
      2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
      3. You Shook Me
      4. Dazed And Confused
      5. Your Time Is Gonna Come
      6. Black Mountain Side
      7. Communication Breakdown
      8. I Can’t Quit You Baby
      9. How Many More Times
    6. Our Least Fav Tracks
      1. Silver:
      2. Emptyeye:
    7. Our Fav Tracks
      1. Silver:
      2. Emptyeye:
  2. Outro & Social (54:01)

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So, with that, we hope you have a great April! We’ll be back with a new episode on May 5th.

-Silver & Emptyeye-

The Journey Begins

Hello everyone! Welcome to the home of

The Music For Two Podcast with Silver & Emptyeye.  This will be a podcast where we each pick an album. We then discuss our takes on each album.


We are a husband/wife team who have our own Podcasts. We both love different music styles and often get into discussions about them.  So, this should be fun, right?

Our first show should drop April 7th, and then once a month from there. If we need to delay/change upload dates, we will let you know as soon as possible.

As of right now, we do not have show Social Media stuff, but we will by the time the first episode drops.  We do have an e-mail (MusicForTwoPod@gmail.com) set up, if you would like to suggest albums for us to do in the future.


Update 3/27: Music For Two can now be found on Facebook!  We have a group, and we’d LOVE to hear your impressions of the show, as well as any suggestions for future episodes!


About Your Co-Hosts:

Silver is the host of the Silver’s Dreamland Podcast, which you can find on her website or on YouTube). She is also the host of a writing/knitting blog. She has been podcasting for almost 4 years, and pretty much twisted Emptyeye’s arm into doing a show together. She is a knitter (and sometimes crocheter, cross-stitcher, and scrapbooker) that loves to discuss her hobbies with anyone who will listen. She is most active on Instagram, on Ravelry (Social Media for Knitters), and can sometimes be found on Twitter.

Emptyeye is the host of The Divisive Albums Podcast, which you can find on his website and on Itunes.  He has 5 episodes under his belt. He is most active on Twitter.

Silver and Emptyeye have been married for 8 years, but actually met back in Silver’s Sophomore year of High School. Once they realized they were in band together and had a lot in common, their relationship blossomed from there.